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The FFS (Floating Finesse Stick), the lure that started it all.


Super buoyant due to the "air chamber" designed into the lure, these float straight out of the packet.  A slimmer profile than other "Ned" lures on the market making them great for weedless presentations on a Texas or Cheb rig.  


No need for a special ned head either, on a light Ball Jig these stand upright. 


Perfect for Ned, Cheb and Texas Rig presentations.


Available in 2 sizes










All lures are made to order and will be dispatched within 5 working days

FFS-Floating Finesse Stick

  • Hook Pattern

    Hook Size

    50mm FFS

    Hook Size

    75mm FFS

    310 4 1
    310 LE 4 1
    Joint 8 4
    Sport MH-14 8 2
    Wacky DS NA 6
    Drop Shot NA 2
    Kaizu City 6 NA


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