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A new range of HTO Nebula rods aimed specifically for the light lure enthusiasts suitable for freshwater and saltwater light lure fishing.


Light Gamers are high-performance lure fishing rods at sensible prices with a full complement of Fuji fittings, including Fuji Stainless Alconite K Spinning Guides and a Fuji VSS reel.


An extra addition to the Light Gamer series is a Fuji SiC tip ring, which reduces friction and noise when using light lines and lures for increased casing distance with lures as low as 1g.


All the blanks feature the same extra fast actions as the rest of the Nebula range and are ultra-light in weight too. The same great value with some extra features for light lure anglers.


Nebula Light Gamer | 2.18m | 1-7g
With a casting rating of 1-7g this rod is a true Light Game (LRF) wand capable of fishing a range of active techniques accurately from soft-plastics and metals to light hard baits. The extra fast and responsive, tubular designed blank generates insane levels of sensitivity and loads beautifully under pressure from strong fish. The Fuji SiC tip ring increases casting distance and accuracy when using ultra-light presentations as low as 1g


Nebula Light Gamer | 2.18m | 2-10g
Set to become the favourite rod for many Street Fishing enthusiasts across Europe. Ideally suited for light lure perch and zander fishing, it has enough power to land the odd pike and catfish too. The extra fast action generates huge amounts of feel but without the rod feeling too stiff, loading sensibly, and protecting hook-holds. The 2-10g also makes a fantastic all-round light rock fishing rod.


Nebula Light Gamer | 2.18m | 3-15g
The 3-15g Light Gamer has so much potential! It has the power and action to set hooks on tough zander and tame double-figure fish on light line. Capable of launching and articulating a range of popular bass fishing top waters, pencils, and metals up to 15g in weight. It is also a fine light wrasse fishing rod for when the conditions allow lighter tactics.



HTO Nebula Light Gamer Rods

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