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Keitech Crazy Flapper


If I stopped making lures tomorrow (I don't intend to, but if I did) the Crazy Flapper would be my go to.  


"Capturing water with high efficiency, converting the captured water into action without stagnation, and above all, catching fish just by dropping it.

All of the requirements we had for the claw worm are summarized here. That's all, but that's all.

The best finish is based on the unwavering policy "ULTIMATE LIFELIKE ACTION" that underlies all product development.

Super action claw worm, crazy flapper."


The appendages come attached to one another so be sure to seperate them before fishing for insane flappage!


2" - 8 per pack

2.4"  - 10 per pack

2.8" - 8 per pack


Keitech Website

Keitech Crazy Flapper

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